A Devon Rex Cattery
Who is Devonology?
I met a Devon my first year out of vet school.  I fell in love at first site and knew I had to have one.   I found my dream cat Delilah, a calico van, 12 years later.
Learning about the health issues Devons were prone to genetically, I decided I wanted to pursue showing and ultimately breeding, so I could try to breed only the healthiest lines.   I try to only breed cats that have been echoed and deemed free of heart disease.  They are also tested PKD neg. Although this is not a perfect science, I believe it's a step in the right direction. 
My daughters got the showing fever and have now become an integral part of Devnology.  They both have their own cats they show in household pet, when they are not taking care of the Devon kittens.
  1. Morgan and George Straight
    Morgan and George Straight
  2. Title 3
    Title 3